Bed and Breakfast in Different Regions

If you are looking for a place of accommodation, then bed and breakfast could be the best option. It is also popularly shortened as B&B as well as spelled as BnB for internet usage or purposes. Bed and breakfast is referred as small lodging building that provides overnight accommodation together with an inclusive breakfast and not into offering other meals. B&B is known as family homes or private homes that are into extending accommodation services having fewer of 10 bedrooms that are all available for commercial purposes.

Bed and Breakfasts offer accommodation for guests into private rooms having private bathrooms or in suites as well. In some cases, there are private rooms but having bathrooms being shared to other guests. Breakfast is being served at the room or in dining room and host’s kitchen. Guest houses and B&Bs can be operated either as primary occupation or secondary income source. In many instances, owners are to the tasks on their own but others are into hiring staffs and other personnel. Some bed and breakfasts are into operating in a niche market.

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Since bed and breakfasts are becoming popular, many regions are into having this as their business. Here are some of the regions offering accommodation services of their B&B and observe some of their similarities and differences:

  • Australia – There are only few B&B in this region though the area is known to have greater population compared to the South Island of New Zealand. There can be factors affecting this and one among those is that the region is located apart from City States like Singapore.
  • China –Emigrants have remodelled those traditional structures in the quiet and attractive rural areas as well as had opened some rustic boutique hotels having minimum amenities. Most of the guests are known to be tourists but it is already becoming more popular to many Chinese.
  • Cuba – the region had opened their place for tourism only in the 1990s right after the financial support of the end of Soviet Union. B&B is called as Casa Particular or private home became main form of accommodation but outside the resorts of tourists.
  • Hungary – B&B in this region is known to be very popular. It is known as small hotel operated by family, having a pleasant atmosphere and an intimate ambience. It also offers affordable price alternative for hotels. B&B is called Panzio or Szallo in this region.
  • India – the concept of B&B is being promoted by the government for the purpose of increasing tourism. B&B have 2 categories namely Gold and Silver B&B. Ministry of Tourism will be approving all the B&B and then be categorized either Gold or Silver based on the criteria.
  • Ireland – those registered B&BS in Ireland are being rated by Failte Ireland together with many unregistered B&Bs is the one to form the B&Bs Owners Association Ireland. B&Bs in this region are known to be run and owned by family having small percentage that is being managed or leased still having personal service that is being expected in the sector. Managers or owners of B&Bs usually reside on premises. Continental style buffet or cooked Irish fry are what breakfast means.
  • Israel – B&B in this region is referred as zimmer. Settlements are known to belong to those private families while those rural settlements are intended to be rented only for short period of time. Through the years, Bread and Breakfasts have been continually developing in the region.
  • Italy – B&Bs are being regulated by regional law. Though there is a national law still every region is into maintaining specific regulation. And each could adopt those other different regulations but must not forget the tourism national law.
  • Netherlands – It is being referred as lodgings together with breakfast, a guesthouse or a guestroom. It is a small-scale kind of accommodation offered for guests at short stay. B&Bs are established by residential homes and are being operated by family of the residence.
  • New Zealand – B&Bs in this region are considered to be a bit expensive compared to motels. It also features historic homes as well as furnished rooms at an appropriate price.
  • Pakistan – B&Bs are to cater families, high level of tourists and suitable overnight lodging.
  • Romania – Pensiune is rated with daises ranging 1 to 3 and 3 as the highest rating. It offers inexpensive and clean accommodations as well as the chance to learn life and culture of Romania. Organic and fresh farm products are as well offered.
  • Spain – B&Bs are offered by apartments, hostels, hotels, motels or inns.
  • Sweden – B&BS are not being spread in the country yet accommodation services alike with what B&Bs offer are being observed.
  • United Kingdom – B&Bs are known to be an alternative to hotels and are graded through loca tourist authorities.
  • United States – Travellers are into stopping at many houses having signs Guests or Tourists making it similar with the concept of B&Bs. And through the passing of years, B&Bs increased its popularity.

There are as well rules and regulations that must be considered between jurisdictions both in extent and content as well as in enforcement. The most popular regulations that B&Bs must follow should follow is about safety. B&Bs are required to have sufficient fire escape plan in the area, smoke detectors in every guest room and fire resistance as well by both local and national ordinances. Equipment and kitchen is also checked for hygienic operation but differences can be observed in local and national.

Most of the bed and breakfasts and inns are considered to be members of some professional associations such as national, local, international or regional associations. These associations are into helping to provide services to both traveling public and members. Many associations are required to meet the highest quality standards while some are only requiring paying dues. Associations are as well into facilitating of marketing B&Bs as well render stamp of approval that the business is known to be reputable.

Many different local governments are into having regulations as well as inspect lodging buildings for safety and health issues, being member to association could indicate hospitality on higher standard. And these associations are into reviewing the properties of their members and also tend to add some other standards of care. Bed and Breakfasts are becoming popular almost all over the world as one of the best accommodation places and as proofs there are many groups, individuals or institutions that have conducted studies about B&Bs such as Tourism Queensland, Michigan Standard University, ComScore Study, Journal of Travel Research, Prince Edward Island and even Time Magazine.