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In the captivating world of art and color theory, the Burridge Color Wheel app has emerged as an indispensable tool, guiding artists and creators in their quest to master the intricacies of color mixing and harmonization. As we embark on a journey to uncover the history of the old version of Burridge Color Wheel on iOS, we delve into the app’s origins, its transformative impact on artistic expression, and its enduring legacy in fostering a deeper understanding of color.

Unveiling the Palette of Possibilities

Burridge Color Wheel made its debut on the Apple App Store during a time when technology was reshaping how artists approached color theory and composition. Originating in [insert original release year], the app aimed to provide a comprehensive and intuitive platform for artists to explore, experiment with, and apply the principles of color theory.

A Digital Canvas of Color Mastery

At its core, Burridge Color Wheel offered artists a digital canvas where they could visualize and manipulate color relationships, experiment with mixing various hues, and discover harmonious palettes. The app’s interactive color wheel, sliders, and visual aids empowered artists to refine their color choices and make informed decisions when creating their artwork.

Empowering Artistic Expression

One of the app’s standout features was its ability to empower artists to elevate their creative expression through a deeper understanding of color. Burridge Color Wheel provided a range of tools and resources that enabled artists to translate color theory concepts into practical applications, enhancing the visual impact and emotional resonance of their artwork.

A Legacy of Color Mastery

While subsequent versions of Burridge Color Wheel may have introduced additional features and improved functionalities, the original app’s impact on artistic expression and color exploration remains profound. It played a pivotal role in showcasing how technology can be harnessed to provide artists with a dynamic and interactive tool for mastering the complexities of color theory.

Preserving the Art of Color Harmonization

Revisiting the old version of Burridge Color Wheel allows us to appreciate its early contributions to color theory education and artistic mastery. The app’s dedication to providing an accessible, visually engaging, and informative platform for artists underscores its lasting influence on how creators can engage with technology to enhance their understanding of color and elevate their creative output.


Burridge Color Wheel has illuminated the path to color mastery, showcasing the potential of technology to be a guiding light in the world of artistic expression. The old version of the iOS app serves as a testament to its early contributions and its role in inspiring a generation of artists to embrace the power of color theory, creative exploration, and the nuances of visual composition. As we journey through the app’s history, we are reminded that the palette of creativity knows no bounds, and technology can be the brush that helps artists paint their visions with a symphony of harmonious hues.

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