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Is this year’s iPhone 13 not as popular as last year’s iPhone 12?


There is indeed a lot of difference. You can feel it just from the topic lists of major forums after the National Day. It is difficult to find titles related to the iPhone 13 series. Looking back at last year’s 12, as the first 5G iPhone, it was no less significant than the iPhone 6 with a larger screen, and it took a lot of advantage in terms of publicity alone. Looking at it in detail, it is also a proper bucket phone, with Super OLED screen, A14… The configuration is almost full, and it only lacks lidar and telephoto lens compared to the Pro (you will know that you don’t want it after looking at its imaging quality) ), the price starts from 5,499 yuan for 64GB, and the e-commerce activity is less than 5,000 yuan, so there is really nothing to choose from. Apple will only understand these principles better than us ordinary people, and 12 will naturally become last year’s signature. , and even this year’s 13 Pro series is actually not very popular. The addition of high refresh rate improves battery life. You may not believe it if you tell me, but many people are actually not sensitive to high brushing and feel there is not much difference. And from my own perception, after using high refresh rate for a long time and suddenly returning to 60Hz iOS, it is indeed uncomfortable for a short time, but you can get used to it after a few hours, so to a certain extent, high refresh rate is a created fake. Demand will only increase the consumption of your own wallet.

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