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iPad mini6 is not worth buying for many reasons


Because it just went on sale yesterday, many people are eager to make a reservation. Don’t rush to buy it. It’s not too late to think carefully before making a purchase. The screen size of the iPad mini6 is 8.3 inches. Think about it, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 6.7 inches, so it is only a bit larger than the largest iPhone. The advantage of screen size is very limited, and the screen display effect is far worse than that of the iPhone. . ,At the same time, various unpleasant problems also followed. For example, if you are tired from playing with your back on the bed and want to lie on your side to watch, I have personally tested that no matter which position you use, it is not as comfortable as the iPhone. If you want to take it out with you, it’s okay for girls, but boys must have a bag specially designed for it, because it can’t be put in a pocket. The iPhone is totally fine, but it will easily wear out your belt after a long time. Let’s talk about how it works with the Apple Pencil. Fans should know that I have been using the 11-inch iPad Pro 2021 for a while. For a few days, I became interested in writing and drawing. I use the pencil every day. I often find that the space in the corner is stretched when writing, so I decided to use the 11-inch iPad Pro 2021. Even an inch is not enough, let alone the 8.3-inch small screen of the iPad mini6, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro if you like writing and drawing. Therefore, the portability is not as good as the iPhone, and the large screen paired with the pencil is not as good as the iPad Pro. The price starts at 3,799 yuan, so its positioning is actually very awkward. The people who are suitable to buy it are probably rich fruit fans who like to play games. After all, this thing is really good for mobile games. Damn, the screen is both large and portable, and some games can also be physically hacked in the field of view. But the most annoying thing is that the A15 of the iPad mini6 has one less GPU core than the A15 of the iPhone 13 Pro series, and the game performance will be about 30% worse. The A15 of the iPhone 13 has one less core than the iPad mini6. Therefore, the iPhone 13 Pro, iPad mini6, and iPhone 13 are respectively the full-blooded version, the stable version, and the residual-blooded version of A15. This is a skill nb!

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