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After using the 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro for five days, apart from its thickness, it has other advantages.


Friends who have read my profile should understand that due to the particularity of my profession, my requirements for computers are much stricter than those of ordinary users, so this time I switched from a Win-based ThinkPad to the Mac camp. In order to install B, I really want a reliable productivity tool, so this time I decided to buy a new 16-inch Mac. , First of all, let me talk about my process of choosing the size and configuration. Apple’s knife skills are really precise. One grade, one price, one configuration. This makes a large number of patients with difficulty in choosing, including me, want to get sick. In fact, the biggest change this year was the 14-inch, so I was very excited at the beginning, and even had the idea of ​​buying a 14-inch, but my inner rationality restrained my turbulent thoughts. In fact, my empty wallet reminded me not to be half-hearted. , just choose what you need honestly. According to Apple’s consistent style, the 16-inch body means a larger mold and enhanced heat dissipation efficiency. It also represents the top level of the family and does not allow it to be sloppy in all aspects. On the other hand, the 14-inch model had to be shrunk to varying degrees in terms of screen size, speakers, and performance thresholds for better portability and smart and compact appearance. It was later confirmed that at the system level, the 16-inch model does have performance that is different from that of the 14-inch model. The switch can be understood as violent mode. It’s really yours, fruit. , but only the 16-inch model equipped with the M1 Max chip has this menu option. No wonder I didn’t find it, crying. , let’s get to the point, in terms of configuration, I chose the mid-to-low configuration, and only added a hard drive to 1TB, the processor is M1 Pro, and the memory is 16GB. Why not add memory? Because it is too expensive. It costs a full 3,000 yuan to go from 16GB to 32GB. Are the memory particles made of gold? So I chose to buy the 16GB version first and use it. In the extreme scenario where all the applications I need are fully open in daily life, the memory usage is only 60%, so I think 16GB is completely enough for me, because I plan to replace it in about three years. .

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