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2021 16-inch MacBook Pro encounters memory bug again, Apple’s quality control becomes increasingly unstable


Following the last problem of darkening and color casts on the left and right edges of the screen, in the past two days I encountered another bug that caused excessive memory usage in some processes, a process called WindowServer. The memory of my Mac is 16GB, so it alone It ate up more than half of my memory. How can I reason with this? , based on the general experience of using any electronic product in the past, it is good to restart the Dafa. After restarting, it seemed to get the true inheritance from my kitchen Xiaoqiang. It never abandoned or gave up and made a comeback. It started to devour my memory again, and soon it expanded to 2.71 GB. , even the ancestral secret recipe for restarting didn’t work, so I had no choice but to resort to my Dugu Nine Swords, “Broken Sword Style!!!!”, no, it should be a forced exit method. , Fortunately, the screen lit up within a few seconds and jumped to the user login interface for entering the password. I finally let go of my hanging heart and let out a long breath. Log in and open the software as usual. After half an hour or an hour, I browsed again to check the memory usage of each process. I found that WindowServer has become more honest and only occupies 219MB. This is a good boy. Well, touch your head and be good~

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