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Apple Watch Series 7 silver stainless steel has been with me for a week, the frame is really narrow, and the battery life is really bad


It’s a bit like the iPhone X that used a new full-screen mold for the first time. Therefore, based on the past iteration patterns of Apple products, the appearance of the watch will most likely not change significantly in the next three years, and I just plan to use it for three years. The reason for buying stainless steel is the texture and the sapphire outer screen which is more resistant to scratches. , after reading this comparison picture, it is estimated that even the users holding watch6 are not calm. Every year after Apple releases a new product, it’s like it immediately casts a spell on the previous generation product, transforming it into a product of the last century, making people lose interest. As for watch 7 specifically, not only the screen frame is narrowed to the limit, but the screen quality has also improved dramatically. I can intuitively feel that it is very bright and transparent, and it is a good screen! There is no difference between it and my iPhone 12 Pro Max!

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