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The 2021 16-inch Mac still needs an adapter, and I finally chose GreenLink


Recently, everyone is doing Singles Day activities, so I got in the car and bought an adapter for my 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro. , after being recommended by friends and shopping around, I considered purchasing this type C interface adapter from Greenlink. , I have relatively high requirements for the network. I often watch 4K videos and download large applications, so a Gigabit network port is indispensable. , plus the two office necessities of mechanical keyboard and mouse, that is to say, my needs are: 1 Gigabit network port and at least 2 USB interfaces. , at first I was planning to buy this larger adapter with many interfaces. After asking old Mac users and their actual experience, I found that the biggest disadvantage of this adapter is that it generates a lot of heat and can only be used for a short period of one or two hours. It’s hot to the touch. Moreover, I already have the extra HDMI on my Mac, but I don’t need the charging port and VGA interface.

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